Powerful game coaching and improving efficiency in training

Rhys Davies is an Academy Coach Development Officer at London Irish, as well as head coach with HAC mens team in London and Berkshire Ladies. He has taken social media by storm with his great resources around being more effective as a coach when using different games.

In this podcast, we develop his themes around challenges, effective coaching and how to manage training to give players a fantastic game experience.

Here are the main areas we covered

  • How do you challenge coaches positively
  • Common threads/areas that need to be challenged
  • What are you challenging in the way they are coaching though their types of practice
  • What is the balance between games and other activities in training
  • Drills – why this is still okay to use as a word
  • Preparing questions before training to help guide a plan
  • How to react to a session which goes off in a different direction
  • Using constraints to change ways to succeed
  • Why innovation shouldn’t always be a surprise to you
  • Good ways to create problem-solving situations
  • Do all players want to play games in training, all the time
  • How drill videos online are relatable to players
  • What makes games in training more powerful
  • What’s the most efficient way to introduce a game
  • What’s missing because we concentrate on winning
  • How do we intervene effectively during a game
  • Giving players more autonomy in training – practically, so all players can be access the opportunities
  • The benefits of using balls from other sports and the right balance
  • What are the measures of success in a game
  • How do we create differentiated questions, because not all the players need them same challenges

To get in touch with Rhys to find out more:


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