Si Nainby’s Deep Dive with Sam Portland

Si Nainby deep dives with Sam Portland.

Sam is a strength and conditioning coach and performance consultant who has worked for Wasps and Ealing Trailfinders. He’s consulted with Kenya 7’s and many individual pro-players from NFL to bobsleigh.

Here’s what they covered:

  • Sam’s background and why he is so passionate about speed development
  • Why rugby coaches should approach speed as a skill to be developed in the same way as passing or tackling
  • The basics that underpin speed and sprinting
  • The difference between speed development and speed expression
  • Heuristics and cues for coaching acceleration and maximum speed
  • The benefits of Extensive Plyometrics for developing a base of tolerance and teaching speed
  • Programming speed training into weekly and monthly cycles of rugby training
  • The importance of consistency in programming drills and exercises
  • How to blend multi-directional speed with basic acceleration training
  • Why you should avoid too much competition and racing in speed development
  • How Sam developed Speed Golf and how it teaches players to understand “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”
  • Common mistakes in speed development
  • How Sam programs gym training to support speed development and the Rollover Principle for weekly planning
  • Moving from working for a pro team to becoming a freelance coach
  • Developing streams of income within a freelance business
  • How Sam is using the lessons from his time in coaching to develop other coaches through his mentorship

To find out more and contact Sam:

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