Si Nainby’s Deep Dive with Pete Arnott

Si Nainby deep dives with Pete Arnott. Pete is a golf coach with a research interest in skill acquisition.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is skill and what does it mean to be skilful?
  • Why did coaching become so de-contextualised?
  • Simplification not Decomposition – why we should build skills by simplifying tasks rather than breaking down techniques.
  • The issues around de-contextualising practice by using artificial coaching tools such as a lineout net or a bowling machine.
  • The concept of Haptic Touch or Extended Mind Theory and how de-contextualised practice can be helpful in building attunement.
  • Pete’s approach to introducing novices to a sport and how he builds relationships.
  • How to identify “Rate Limiters” with intermediate players: the key things that will most quickly improve their game.
  • What role does the player’s intuition play in the coaching process?
  • How walking a mile in your player’s shoes (figuratively) helps co-creation of great practice environments.
  • How consequences can have a huge impact on development – Ed Coughlan,, has been a big help to Pete in his work on individualising consequences.
  • How Pete uses the Constraints Led Approach – learnings from his biggest mistakes.
  • Using sounds, rhythms and verbal cues to influence sessions.
  • The impact of technology and data in coaching.
  • How Pete uses video review.
  • Pete’s new project – Train like a Tiger – lessons from Tiger Woods development

Links to books and videos mentioned:
9mins 30s – Inside the All Blacks by Robin McConnell –
16mins – Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary –
16mins 50s – Jennie Finch strikes out Albert Pujols –
18mins 30s – Ross Pinder Paper on Bowling Machine Technique –
20mins 50s – Andy Clark Extended Mind Theory –
47mins 30s – How Wolves change rivers –
55mins 25s – Will Stubbs –
59mins – The Pressure Principle by Dave Alred –
59mins 45s – The Checklist Manifesto –
1hr 20mins 50s – The Language of Coaching: The Art & Science of Teaching Movement by Nick Winkleman –
1hr 37mins – Elite coaching and the technocratic engineer by Shaun Williams & Andrew Manley –
Also – ‘We’re not run on Numbers, We’re People, We’re Emotional People’ by Shaun Williams & Andrew Manley –
1hr 37mins 45s – The Hawthorne Effect –

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