Si Nainby’s Deep Dive with Jamie Taylor


Si Nainby talks in-depth to Jamie Taylor PhD.

Jamie is the former head of Academy at Leicester Tigers and now working with Grey Matters as a Senior Coach Developer and the English Institute of Sport as the coaching and curriculum lead. He is a Coach, Coach Developer and Researcher in Coaching Science with a particular focus on Talent Development.


In this podcast we discuss:

Part I: Psycho-behavioural Characteristics of Developing Excellence – the mental traits and states that underpin Talent Development

  • Why are they important? Jamie discusses his research showing how a lack of mental skills was a key factor in players who were expected to make it to the top but didn’t
  • How PCDEs can be used to evaluate Players’ needs analysis
  • Practical Implementation of PCDEs

Part II: Deep Dive on Coach Development

Jamie’s reflections on his early Coaching & Teaching career – the importance of declarative and procedural knowledge

  • How his early mentors supported him via challenging him
  • The importance of “Why?” in appraising & implementing methods & knowledge
  • The value for Coaches in Teacher training
  • Developing Professional Judgement & Decision Making as a Coach
  • Cognitive Load Theory


The role of psychological characteristics in facilitating the pathway to elite performance. Part 1: Identifying
mental skills and behaviours

The Role of Psychological Characteristics in Facilitating the Pathway to Elite Performance Part 2: Examining Environmental and Stage-Related Differences in Skills and Behaviors

Talent Development: A Practitioner Guide –

Coulda, Shoulda, Didnae – Why Don’t High ­Potential
Players Make it?

“I Didn’t Make It, but…”: Deselected Athletes’ Experiences of the Talent Development Pathway

Professional Judgement & Decision Making –

Developing coaches’ professional judgement and decision making: Using the ‘Big 5’

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