Coaching Laid Bare with Amy Turner

Bird and LJ catch up with England Women’s assistant coach, Amy Turner.

Amy played 59 times for England, at scrum-half, centre and hooker. She played in three World Cups and helped England win seven Six Nations Grand Slams.

She is currently a World Rugby intern. Formerly a police officer, she worked for the RFU as a Performance Pathway Officer and coached men’s rugby too.

Here are the questions Bird and LJ asked Amy:

  • You had a very success playing career alongside 10 years in the police. How did you balance both aspects of your life? (Any tips you can offer to developing coaches or players on how to manage your time and still achieve your goals?)
  • As a player you were capped at 9/12/2, do you think this was a positive experience personally and for your development as a player? Does this now directly influence how you look at the positioning of players?
  • Do you have any moments that really shaped how you now approach your coaching? Specially thinking about situations of conflict or challenging behaviours.
  • Throughout your playing career, can you think of any coaches or situations that have developed you into the coach you are now?
  • As you develop your coaching now, have you had any mentors/people/moments to continue pushing/challenging your philosophy as a coach?
  • You have experience coaching both men and women, do you have to approach how you plan your sessions differently, or adapt your coaching style on field?
  • Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences on the world rugby internship program?
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