Coaching Laid Bare Episode 13 with Kate Burke

Bird and LJ welcome Kate Burke, Lead Pathway Analyst with England Rugby. Kate has an MSc in Sports Analysis. After working in Wales with academy teams, she moved to the RFU in 2008, working with U18s and covering the men’s teams. She then joined Bath for two years as head of analysis, before returning to the RFU to oversee analysis provision across the pathway, women’s, 7’s and referees’ departments.

In the podcast, Bird and LJ asked the following questions:

  • Why did you choose to study sports analysis?
  • Has rugby always been the sport you wanted to work within?
  • What would you say have been your biggest challenges working within rugby?
  • Have you worked with any coaches or in any environments that have had a lasting impression on how you now operate in your day-to-day work?
  • What might a typical week look like for a performance analysis working in a professional rugby environment?
  • Have you seen the analysis role develop/change since you started in 2007?
  • How/what do you feedback to players/coaches in terms of previews and reviews?
  • How can a community coach, with a minimal budget, start building analysis into their environment? Are there any key areas that you would suggest focusing on?
  • Are there any good online platforms/apps that you would recommend to coaches who want to utilise video footage more during their training week?
  • What equipment would you suggest to get started?
  • Have you seen any good practices from other sports that you think we could utilise in rugby to help develop our players and coaches?
  • What current trends do you see developing within the game at the moment?
  • Where do you see the game going over the next season?
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