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Roundup Rodeo Ep82: Reviewing the best content

in Round-up Rodeo with Phil Llewellyn

Host Phil Llewellyn with guests review some of the many great podcasts, books, articles and webinars from the last week.  This week's guests: Zane Winslade, author of the Mental Toughness Journal, mental performance coach with Flow Sport and coach and Kyle McLean, coach developer, educator, owner of The Coaching Gig and coach.  THIS WEEK'S CONTENT The Mental Toughness Journal – Zane Winslade MORE

Rob Gray and Mike Ashford discuss how we make...

in Rugby Coach Weekly with Dan Cottrell

Dan hosts a discussion between Professor Rob Gray and Dr Mike Ashford about how players make decisions. The discussion is based on a paper that Mike wrote reviewing different academic approaches to decision-making: Understanding a Player’s Decision-Making Process in Team Sports: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence Rob Gray suggests that the role of ecological dynamics needs to be viewed differently from the paper's conclusions. MORE

Think deeper and for much longer

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It is interesting to reflect on the impact of famous author Dorothy L. Sayers on modern coaching. Way back in 1947, she challenged teachers to make their students think deeper and think more, so they learn for themselves. MORE

Inside centre (12) and outside centre (13) – best...

in Rugby coaching

Personally I think these are the two best positions on the field to play and, for me, the best combination wins. Teams with a strong combination at 12/13 in defence can really restrict your go forward first phase by limiting you to channel 1 attack (or kicking). Plus, against a good back row this increases the odds of turnover or slow ball even if you do get go forward. MORE

How to disorganise defences

in Rugby coaching, Rugby drills

As defensive coaches create even better systems, we need to work on the detail of the attack to break them down. It relies on speed, clever footwork and the right support lines: Simple skills that need constant reinforcement at all levels.  MORE

Mentoring my sons as coaches and players

in Rugby Coach Weekly with Dan Cottrell

Dan Cottrell chats to Mike Ford. Mike has been coaching at the top of the professional game for over twenty years, with stints at England and Ireland rugby, Saracens, as head coach at Bath, plus coaching with the British and Irish Lions and RC Toulon. He also runs his own performance consultancy, which you can find out more about on his LinkedIn profile here. I really enjoyed Mike's clarity, especially around how he had to convince players and stakeholders about their approach at Bath. MORE

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