MINIS: Evasion race – with two hands

Use this activity to develop running forwards with the ball in two hands, and aiming to evade an oncoming defender.

This easily set-up exercise adds a competitive element to running with the ball in two hands. You can match up players easily to help differentiate between abilities. It also encourages players to run to score a try.

  1. Split into two teams, each spread along the line facing each other.
  2. Number off both teams, so the lowest numbered player of one team faces the highest numbered player of another team.
  3. Put a ball at one end of the channel.
  4. Nominate one team as defenders and one as attackers.
  5. Call out a number, and the numbered attacker runs to the ball and picks it up.
  6. He aims to score at the other end.
  7. The numbered defender runs to the far end and then comes forward to make a touch tackle with two hands on the hips of the ball carrier.
  8. Let everyone have a go and then swap attack and defence.
  9. Develop by calling out names instead.

  1. Finally, call out two numbers and it becomes a 2 v 1 v 1 situation.
  2. Increase the level of contact to suit your team.


  1. The ball carrier should carry the ball in two hands.
  2. Encourage the defender to get close to the ball carrier – he has to get two hands on the shorts of the ball carrier to make a tackle.
  3. When it’s 2 v 2, encourage the ball carrier to pass before he’s touched.
  4. Always go forward – avoid running sideways or dancing on the spot.
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