Learning how learning happens: creativity, practice design, Cruyff

Are your training sessions giving the players the best learning? Is your coaching allowing them to become more creative?

Paul Kirschner and Carl Hendrick are leading experts in the learning world. In their latest book, How Learning Happens, they introduce us to 28 giants of educational research and their findings on how we learn and what we need to learn effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably.

Using Paul and Carl’s expertise, we translate their findings into sporting contexts.

Here are some of the many areas we cover:

  • The difference between playing and learning
  • How the coach can intervene in play to enhance learning
  • The inefficiency of discovery learning
  • What’s too much coaching
  • How spaced practice can accelerate learning
  • The key differences for learning between the classroom and the training ground
  • What does “expressing yourself” really mean – and where it can go wrong
  • Why we might have to suppress fun and playfulness at times
  • Motivation and success – the myth
  • Why you should be thinking more about your retrieval practices
  • Why schools don’t kill creativity and what lessons you can learn from that
  • Top tips on practice design
  • Learning why what you do works, so can keep doing it, or change to doing something else

How Learning Happens: Seminal Works in Educational Psychology and What They Mean in Practice is out now (4th March 2020). Click here to order.

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Paul A. Kirschner is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the Open University of the Netherlands as well as Guest Professor at the Thomas More University of Applied Science in Belgium.

Carl Hendrick teaches at Wellington College, UK, and holds a PhD in Education from King’s College London.

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