If you can’t use it, lose it – quotes to make your coaching life stronger

Simply quoting words from famous people will not make you a better coach. You need to apply their words so you can pass on what it taught you.

Throughout my life I’ve encountered those who are quick to throw out a quote from a wise man, woman or any other credible resource in the hope that doing so will make them look intelligent or at least more credible.

Guess what? It doesn’t work. Quoting others only shows that you’re able to remember a collection of sentences.

What matters more than recognising a good quote when you see one is discovering a way to apply its underlying wisdom into your life. Once you’ve applied it, then quote it. Quote it as you impart it to another as a lesson you’ve learned, applied and now wish to pass on.

If all you do is quote without learning and without action, you do accomplish one thing, using up a lot of valuable oxygen that would be better spent in the pursuit of refining yourself.

In my opinion, if you’re truly on the path of self-refinement then you shouldn’t need to quote others in a book, instead quote yourself and compile your wisdom into a book. However, after all is said and done, if all you choose to do is walk around quoting from this page, then make sure you quote it to as many people as possible, that way the ideas will fall upon the ears of those who will use them.

If you are one of those who will learn and apply the lessons of your life, it is a pleasure to know you. And I look forward to learning from and quoting you someday.

01 Profound change often begins with a single action, that action is usually a decision.

02 Nothing works in theory only in application.

03 Adversity is a sail not an anchor.

04 Choose to be pleasant even when others are equally unpleasant. They’re having their day, and you’re having yours.

05 Focus on the spare, not the flat.

06 Negative thoughts are useless, like all of life’s clutter, if you can’t use it, lose it.

07 Proceed always as a beginner, then you will always succeed the fi rst time.

08 Attitude is a skill. It takes great skill to maintain an attitude when the facts don’t support it, and even greater skill to maintain it until the facts do.

09 When looking for the best place to begin, simply look beneath your feet.

10 Facts don’t change the world, beliefs do.

11 Beliefs are inherently disposable, to be discarded like items that have outlived their usefulness, and replaced with ones you can use.

12 Belief in something doesn’t make it true. A belief is a passionately held opinion. A truth is such whether one believes it or not.

13 The truth does not set you free, your belief that something is true does.

14 Blame is not one of the keys to success.

15 I am 100% certain that every decision I make will be the right one. But I’m only 99% certain of that.

16 I find it more important to do right than to be right.

17 More has been accomplished through the acts of one person powered by certainty than one thousand people sharing the same doubts.

18 The only choice you have with change is whether or not you cooperate.

19 The change you desire doesn’t come from wishing for it, but by becoming it.

20 Choice is your most powerful possession. No matter what each moment may give you, own the moment and your contribution to it. That, more than anything will determine the outcome.

21 Small minds make big mistakes.

22 Commitment toward achievement must exceed your fears of failure.

23 Complacency is the enemy of growth.

24 Just because it ain’t broke, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made better.

25 Feed back is your guide not your enemy.

26 Disappointment isn’t life threatening, our fear of it makes it seem so.

27 I would rather suffer from a hundred disappointments than one regret.

28 Doubt makes the possible impossible.

29 The shortest distance between you and failure, is doubt.

30 Dreams are the seeds, opportunity the soil, action the fertiliser.

31 If you don’t let people in on your dreams, then they can’t help you accomplish them.

32 Don’t give up on your dreams just because you’re afraid of your memories.

33 It is both ridiculous and pointless to expect anyone to follow anything other than your example.

34 Excellence doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It occurs when someone who requires it of themselves puts themselves in situations that require it of them.

35 No more ‘Buts’ when life challenges you. You already have one butt and its behind you. So stop putting more butts in front of yourself.

36 Expect only the results you are willing to create. Intended outcomes only occur with the required effort, no less.

37 Never underestimate a person’s ability to misinterpret the facts.

38 Failure doesn’t exist, but quitting does.

39 Consider the age you are now, how did you get this far? By sticking with it, that’s how. By that standard, no one’s a failure or a quitter.

40 There are no failures…only student’s of experience.

41 Faith isn’t based on what is, it is based on what’s possible. And that’s what makes it so powerful.

42 We can all predict the future. Set your goals, do everything you can in the present to accomplish them. Surprisingly, the future turns out exactly as you predicted.

43 The past is a reflection of what you’ve done and not what you’re capable of doing.

44 First master the journey, then the destination will find you.

45 For every one goal, there are two doubters waiting to talk you out of it. If for no other reason than to justify their own inaction.

46 Preparation with no destination is like packing for a trip to the end of the driveway.

47 Talking about your goals is important. So long as you’re not spending more time talking about them than accomplishing them.

48 To be successful long term you must be successful short term. You may have goals in the future, but what are you doing in the present to accomplish them?

49 The more seeds you plant the greater the likelihood that growth will take place.

50 If you spend your life in a cocoon, how do you ever expect to become a butterfly?

51 Remember your mind is like your garden, the quality of the seeds you put into it determines the quality of the harvest.

52 Who a person was is never better than who a person can become.

53 Guilt trips are not given they are taken.

54 I’ve never met a person who was both happy and prejudice at the same time. I’ve met those who were angry and prejudice, afraid and prejudice, but not happy and prejudice.

55 Heroes look for the solution, the victim feels bad about the problem.

56 The victor in you is the only thing that can save the victim in you.

57 To Help others is difficult, to Help others in their efforts to Help themselves is far easier.

58 We can only care for others to the degree that we first care for ourselves.

59 Hope opens the eyes that doubt closes.

60 Your circumstances are never bigger than you are.

61 The seeds of hope lie in the knowledge of your options.

62 Not even Jesus Christ was able to win over everybody, so don’t be surprised when you don’t.

63 The best intentions don’t guarantee the best results.

64 Kindness is the simplest way to use what’s best in you, to remind the discouraged of their own value.

65 Don’t make an experience into a rule.

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