Restart shootout

in Attack, Girls/Womens, Kicking & Catching

This small-sided game is ideal to work on players kick chase and keeping the ball alive in attack. You can use this as a standalone skills game or have it as a platform to launch a bigger game of touch and pass from. Thanks to Simon Parsons, Women and Girls Director of Rugby for Tunbridge Wells RFC and Kent U15s Girls Head Coach for this activity. MORE

VIDEO: Chop tackle tech and drive

in Contact, Girls/Womens, Rugby drills

Help players develop their skills around completing a low "chop" tackle. Once the contact is made, the tackler has to recover and contest for the space over the ball. The activity is clearly introduced with the key points, a demonstration and then the use of micro-coaching from the players to build a clearer understanding of their roles. It finishes with a small contact decision around jackling or competing for space. MORE

Chain reaction

in Girls/Womens, Small-sided games

Try this fun game to help players work on defensive organisation. By forming a physical defence chain, players work together to stop attackers from scoring. This game also helps attackers identify gaps on the wings and learn to execute opportunities.   It develops an idea from Andrew Drayton who coaches Credition girls, Devon. MORE

Breaking the PANE: The battle of the doctors

in Girls/Womens, Podcast, Rugby drills

In episode 3, Dr Anna Stodter and Dr Ed Hall give Jess Bunyard and listeners a tutorial in all things coach development and learning. The group tackle: what effective reflection as a coach looks like, diversity within coach education what the future holds for coach education. Whether you want to discover what it takes to research coach education or how to make your coach learning better for you, this is the pod for you. MORE

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