Ideas for training after lockdown 2.0

Whether it’s the first training back after lockdown 2.0 or you’re a few weeks in. Here’s some ideas what to include and adapt within your next session using these four game and skill zones.



Use this energetic warm-up game to work on handling in a competitive environment. My players always love this game because they’re straight into a rapid activity. Players may be worried about fitness heavy sessions or their handling skills after lockdown, Rugby4Square can allay their fears. Coaches can modify difficulty of the game by by adding different shapes and sizes of balls.


As well as being a main training game, Rugby Netball can be a great warm up because it gets players instantly into a game. Circle Netball for example, forces players to react to a space that’s outside of the rugby comfort zone. Using a game as a warm also enables players and coaches to identify areas to work on, such as handling, for the rest of training.


When you deliver a session it’s crucial to be flexible and to change plans when necessary. This might be realizing players need to revisit a skill or they’ve mastered it sooner than you expected so they need a new challenge.

I often have a few potential skill games or variation of one skill game I might run, depending on what the goals of the session are and what players need help with this week. This might be a few ideas written down in the training plan. This means that my session is structured around a large game and the whole training plan is never written in stone.

Depending on how players did during whatever game you’re running in between a Rugby Netball variation and the skill games, you might need to adapt and change.


Not all skill zones have to be drills. This Raiders game is short, small and works on quick decision making under pressure. The short nature allows everyone to be raider and attackers and to quickly problem solve, whilst working on passing and footwork. The small nature of the skill game allows players to receive more individual feedback from a coach.


I love to end a session with a finishing game.  It gives me one last opportunity to ensure everyone goes home wanting to return next week and involved in the session till the very end.  It really makes sure you finish training on a high. This might be a game of touch which might be the culmination of your focus for the session or it might be something like Rugby Rounders. A finishing game should aim to get everyone having as many touches of the ball as possible. Rugby Rounders continues the fun, competitive edge of a session by getting everyone to have turns and be different roles within the game of rounders.

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