Loads of great podcasts to listen to

I’ve now completed my first 10 podcasts, delving into the minds of some of the most exciting minds in rugby, and most importantly, those coaches at the coalface of the sport and rugby.

Podcast 1: How ARU size and ability limits will benefit players and coaches

Australia has just introduced weight and size criteria for young players. We explore how that works with one of the pilot scheme coaches, James Stevens.

Podcast 2: Are Super Rugby skills and thrills better than the Premiership and Pro14

George Tavner, an experienced academy coach working at Bath Rugby tells us how we can learn from Super Rugby, and how he uses games for better decision-making in training.

Podcast 3: Should we change the age we start to coach scrummaging

Experienced coach developer and grassroots coach (and former front rower!), Ian Diddams whether we need to bother with scrummaging before 16. He suggests a rethink to the way we start the process and shares plenty of great tips on scrum training when you don’t have a full pack at training.

Podcast 4: Drills good, games much better. But you must know why

International Rugby League coach and now sports lecturer and coach developer Stuart Wilkinson, explains how coaching needs direction. He says that drills can still do a job. But games are often better. He tells us how that might look and what you need to do more of.

Podcast 5: A science-based approach to better and safer tackling

Dr Sharief Hendricks, a leading rugby scientist, shares his research team’s latest findings on the best way to tackle. In our most popular podcast to date, listen to how to organise your training and what key techniques your players should be exploring in training.

Podcast 6: Would you love to play in the team you coach?

Digby Webb, a South African working at a top English rugby school, tells me how his experiences with top coaches in his homeland shaped the way he controls his coaching environment. He explains how he learned that there was no need for shouting, and it was all about mutual respect and honesty.

Podcast 7: When to allow failure and how to coach with uncertainty

Dr Suzanne Brown has helped shape some of the leading rugby coaching practitioners’ thinking. She talks about the ways you can challenge players so they can learn faster and more effectively. She brings together all her experience as a clinical psychologist to help us understand our own coaching.

Podcast 8: Making real gains coaching grassroots and representative players

Giles Heagerty is head coach of England Counties U18s, as well as coaching school rugby and a top ladies team. He tells us how to engage players who aren’t keen on rugby, building a tactical approach in a short training time span, and coaching players who are struggling in a pressurised environment.

Podcast 9: How an expert sports coach learned to coach rugby for the first time

We get a unique insight into Dr Andy Abrahams journey as a novice rugby coach. A leading coach leader in education, working closely with the English FA, he shares how he has used his academic background to cope with the ups and downs of starting out coaching his son’s rugby. It’s a must for any new coach to the sport.

Podcast 10: Why you don’t want to be called “The Fridge”

Simon Nainby has been curating some of the latest sports coaching thinking on his site, He explains how he has applied this to coaching an elite netball team, but with no netball background. This podcast is stacked full of takeaways on athlete-led learning, using stories and creating a better environment for players.



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