PODCAST: Magic eggs, cubes and empty information

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In this podcast, I get a chance to quiz Warren Abrahams, a senior coach with England Sevens and academy coach with Harlequins. Well-known for being a very creative coach, I ask him about how he builds better relationships with his players, and how he goes about this creativity in his sessions. MORE

PODCAST: How to keep players in love with the...

in Podcast, Team Management

  In this episode, Irish RFU training and education manager, Colin Moran explains how we should be developing coaches who focus on player development. He gives us the top five tips for new coaches and what more experienced coaches might need to unlearn. In this podcast we discuss The importance of the approach of a... MORE

Loads of great podcasts to listen to

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I’ve now completed my first 10 podcasts, delving into the minds of some of the most exciting minds in rugby, and most importantly, those coaches at the coalface of the sport and rugby. Podcast 1: How ARU size and ability limits will benefit players and coaches Australia has just introduced weight and size criteria for young... MORE

PODCAST: Why you don’t want to be called “The...

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Simon Nainby is an experienced strength and conditioning coach, with a strong interest in rugby. For a number of years, his blog has been one of the best ways to quickly access all of the latest thinking on coaching. His excellent curation means he has a wealth of ideas to inform his day-to-day coaching. MORE

When to allow failure and how to coach with...

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Dan Cottrell speaks to Dr Suzanne Brown about the optimum environment for coaching. Suzanne, who recently shared a stage with Eddie Jones and Russell Earnshaw, talks about the ways you can challenge players so they can learn faster and more effectively. She brings together all her experience as a clinical psychologist to help us understand our own coaching.... MORE

Podcast episode 6: Would you love to play in...

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Digby Webb, a South African working at a top English rugby school, tells me how his experiences with top coaches in his homeland shaped the way he controls his coaching environment. He explains how he learned that there was no need for shouting, and it was all about mutual respect and honesty. He’s reaping the... MORE

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