Three reasons why players want real training

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Here’s a story from a winter training session which illustrates that if you can give the players want they think they want from training, you will have far more powerful outcomes.  The first real cold snap has arrived at training. And last week, to my horror, the senior team bumped us out of our indoor... MORE

Sweaty headbands make for better outcomes

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  In the summer, I watched England U18s train wearing colourful headbands. They were used to denote who was on whose team: a clever idea from coaches John Fletcher and Russell Earnshaw. Fast forward to late October and my U15 team were trying them out for the first time. We had used a version of... MORE

Competition winner

See the Winner from our Rugby Coaching Competition!

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Thanks to everyone who entered our Rugby Coaching Competition! The winner of a coaching session was Chris Sweetapple who is an amateur coach Saracens Amateur RFC. Chris will win a coaching session with me, Dan Cottrell, as well as £100 Amazon voucher and a bundle of our rugby coaching manuals. I simply loved this plan for... MORE

Are we part of the injury crisis problem?

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The English Premiership has been hitting the wrong sort of headlines at a sensitive time in the injury debate. While Professor Pollock reasserts her view that rugby should be banned or at least modified in schools, the attrition rate of players in the English top flight is reaching devastating levels. One line of thinking is... MORE

Thinking how to coach better ball security

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As the new Rugby Coach Weekly website was launched, I found myself on the road coaching in London, Suffolk, Rugby, Abingdon and Somerset. As always, I came away with something new, whether it was a wrinkle on a game or a different way of explaining a skill. You’ll see many of those new ideas being... MORE

Honest endeavour yet poor outcomes

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Here’s a small task for you. Look at the picture. Pick out two things that you would want to avoid when coaching this age group. There’s obviously more than one team training, there are boys and girls and plenty of players. Also, there are lots of coaches involved. You can see a coach bending down... MORE

10 years of Rugby Coach Weekly

Happy 10th birthday to us

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We’ve turned 10 years old and to celebrate we’re giving you access to all of our Rugby Coach Weekly content. Go to our new look website to easily find information on activities, skills, games and plays. As a rugby coach weekly subscriber, you simply need to create an account to have access to a fantastic... MORE

Dan coaching in Swansea

10 lessons I’ve learnt from 10 years of Rugby...

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“I wish I knew then what I knew now” is something we all think. And, since it’s 10 years since I first started to provide weekly info to grassroots coaches, it’s amazing to think how much my own coaching has changed in that time. There are three reasons for this: First, the game has changed... MORE

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