An engaging experience

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I’ve been watching how coaches and other “people managers” engage their charges. By engage, I mean attract and occupy people’s attention. If someone is engaged, they’re going to respond quickly to instruction. I started doing it in earnest when watching my brother talk to his three-year-old daughter. Now, as a typical brother, I used to... MORE

How to coach high speed passing drill- part 2

When to put REAL defenders into a drill

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The other week I was running some 4v2s. Initially, the attack was always successful. I suppose that is what you would expect but they were not succeeding as I wanted. Sloppy passing and drifting angles meant that although they were scoring, it was not improving their skill levels. It was time to make the defenders work harder. MORE

This drill was dull until…

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The other week I was watching another coach set up what I can safely say was a drill: 10 cones evenly spaced in front of two lines of players, no decision-making and off they went. The players ran out with the ball, put it down, ran to another cone, ran back and picked it up. They passed it to a team mate who repeated the exercise. MORE

The first Law of leadership

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After I read 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell and mentioned this to one of our writers, Nick Bishop, he said that seemed a large number of Laws to remember. And they are irrefutable as well. That’s quite a high standard. MORE

This girl can and why we should all listen

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Eleanor Wilkinson has been recognised by her county for the enormous contribution she’s made to girls’ rugby. Rugby Coach Weekly caught up with the busy college student who’s a player, coach and referee, and still only 16. Eleanor Wilkinson is a RFU level 2 coach, referee and a player. She’s also just won Leicestershire Young... MORE

Why do some players seem to make no effort?

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Selection for the summer international touring teams causes plenty of debate on who deserves to go. It’s not necessarily based on their current form, but also their potential. Though the coaches want to win the games in front of them, there’s more than a whiff of development. So, while we can argue to the relative merits of one player over another, it’s interesting to focus on what we mean by the term “deserves”. This is because it’s something we consider ourselves as we pick our own teams. Do we select based on form or effort? MORE

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