There’s so much to do! What first?

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Whether you won or lost this weekend, I expect you are thinking “there’s still so much to do”. No matter if you are just starting the season or mid-season, it always seems to be the case. Here is the good news: all the other teams are in the same predicament. The way forward? Balance your... MORE

Thanks for the feedback The science and art of...

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Feedback is something we coaches are handing out all the time. It’s part of the review process after every game and training session, and at the end of every season. We’re often thinking about whether the feedback is working, if it’s honest enough or perhaps too blunt. We know that some players ask for feedback and others shut up shop the moment we offer any form of criticism.  MORE

The fastest growing team in the West

in Blog, Girls/Womens

This summer I was invited down to meet up with the West Swansea Hawks teams and coaches. They are a Welsh Rugby Union girls rugby hub in west Wales, operating with U8s, U9s, U11s, U13, U15 and U18s in the summer months. MORE

“10,000 hours” theory threatens us all

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Too many youth coaches are teetering on the edge of the “10,000 hours’ training” trap – and it risks killing our game. We’re in danger of spending too much time “practising” rugby and not enough time playing. MORE

Happy Christmas to the Xbox

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If you coach youth rugby, you’re depriving children of valuable Xbox and PlayStation time. I know this as sometimes I have had to drag my own son off the machine to go to training. I wish I had a quick solution to this situation. I’ve tried various tactics. First is the five-minute warning, so he... MORE

An engaging experience

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I’ve been watching how coaches and other “people managers” engage their charges. By engage, I mean attract and occupy people’s attention. If someone is engaged, they’re going to respond quickly to instruction. I started doing it in earnest when watching my brother talk to his three-year-old daughter. Now, as a typical brother, I used to... MORE

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