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Turn England’s breakdown problems into your solutions

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Everyone wants their team to play with pace in attack, quick ball creates problems for defences, it’s really that simple. Not only is it hard for a defence to set against a constantly changing picture but quick ball generates options for the attack. Obviously, you then have to use those options wisely. There are a... MORE

It’s that obvious, so why don’t we train like...

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Last week, I saw some high-level research into success for undergraduates from college. Go to lectures and you will pass your exams. This is hardly a surprise. Or is it? You can read the research here Plenty of students don’t go to lectures anymore. I don’t mean sleep in a couple of times or skip... MORE

It starts and ends with the coach

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We all know that it starts and ends with the coach. While there are a host of support coaches attached to most teams, there is nothing like the thrill and the pressure of being the one that is in the hot seat. Head coaches are often cut from a different cloth to support coaches and... MORE

Australia Age Grade “size for age” guidelines – official...

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The ARU have released the full guidelines on how they are going to move players’ between age groups based on height and weight factors. Here’s a link to the full report: Size for Age Guidelines for Age Grade Rugby 2018 Here are some highlights from the report: In 2017 Rugby Australia introduced new policies and... MORE

Fussing about the right stuff

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We know that coaches are not all built the same. They worry about different things in training and games. What do you worry about most? Is it winning, is it being fair to all the players, is it development? Outwardly, we all probably want our players to develop. What that looks like might be different... MORE

Are Super Rugby skills and thrills better than the Premiership and Pro14?

Podcast Episode 2: Are Super Rugby skills and thrills...

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The Southern Hemisphere’s top competition is stunning to watch. But we can do more to replicate that with our own training? Dan Cottrell talks to the experienced academy coach George Tavner who works with the some of the best young players in the English system, from ages 13 upwards. MORE

Rugby training

North v South: Mastering the skills of the unstructured...

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Read this week’s guest blog from Jonny McMurtry,  following comments last year from senior skills coaches from northern and southern hemisphere, this blog addresses the different possible coaching styles, behaviours or language to encourage player autonomy, creativity and motivation. In the build up towards Brisbane Global Tens event, I was fortunate to attend a series of... MORE

Don’t use the word don’t. It’s past history

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I’ve been reading about the importance of language in coaching. Specifically, that we should avoid using the word “don’t”. I’m slightly apprehensive about trying to avoid using a particular word since I’ve already got a real problem with not saying “but”. For some reason, though I am very clear in my own mind that this... MORE

What’s the point of rugby coaching assessors

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Since rugby coaching assessors can never see the whole picture, what’s the point of being assessed? Is it just so you can receive a badge which means you are deemed safe to coach at a certain level? Well, that’s possibly the real reason why we do coaching qualifications. The National Governing Bodies have a tough... MORE

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