Think deeper and for much longer

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It is interesting to reflect on the impact of famous author Dorothy L. Sayers on modern coaching. Way back in 1947, she challenged teachers to make their students think deeper and think more, so they learn for themselves. MORE

How sharing Veo footage improves decision making (Product testing...

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In my previous article, I outlined how I set up my Veo for games and training. I've now had a greater opportunity to use it for recording games. Again, I come at this without much recent experience of using video analysis software. I don't have much time to sit down and code games. Instead, I will mainly use the footage to pick out some key points to help inform my coaching and to share moments with the players. MORE

Rugby’s current state must be a major concern for...

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This article comes from Alan Zondagh LinkedIn account. It is discussed by Alan with Phil Llewellyn in a Roundup Rodeo special, with guests Ian Costello and Nick Wood. Former Bulls Director of Rugby and seasoned South African coach Alan Zondagh believes the sport is in need of a drastic overall change. My rugby journey started... MORE

Book club | The Score Takes Care of Itself:...

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Bill Walsh won three Superbowls with the San Francisco 49ers. When he took over as head coach in 1979 they were arguably the worst team in American football history. Within two years they were the best. This sympathetic and honest book, published after Walsh’s death in 2007, but largely in his own words, explains in detail the methods he used to achieve extraordinary success. MORE

Why our referee didn’t have a shocker

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From our Rugby Coach Weekly archive of Touchline Tales, commenting on a game in an U15 Cup tournament. Last weekend we lost 20-22 in a cup game. The opposition scored at the end from a disputed lineout on our line and we felt our jumper was impeded.  MORE

There’s so much to do! What first?

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Whether you won or lost this weekend, I expect you are thinking “there’s still so much to do”. No matter if you are just starting the season or mid-season, it always seems to be the case. Here is the good news: all the other teams are in the same predicament. The way forward? Balance your... MORE

Thanks for the feedback The science and art of...

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Feedback is something we coaches are handing out all the time. It’s part of the review process after every game and training session, and at the end of every season. We’re often thinking about whether the feedback is working, if it’s honest enough or perhaps too blunt. We know that some players ask for feedback and others shut up shop the moment we offer any form of criticism.  MORE

The fastest growing team in the West

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This summer I was invited down to meet up with the West Swansea Hawks teams and coaches. They are a Welsh Rugby Union girls rugby hub in west Wales, operating with U8s, U9s, U11s, U13, U15 and U18s in the summer months. MORE

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