ASK DAN: Activities to make us more clinical in the last quarter of the pitch

A question from a coach who works in senior rugby.

On Sunday we were in control of the match (15 to 3) at the end of the first half. Unfortunately we lost 15-21.

The main point according to what we have seen, was the lack of patience and skill in maintaining possession and instead a frenetic playing which resulted in a number of silly mistakes.

A key part of the match has been the last 5 minutes, when we have been constantly within 10 meters from their try line but we did not succeed in scoring.

Could you recommend any specific attack training sessions in this red area of the pitch?

Ask Dan answer

  • Split into three teams. A v B, B v C, C v A, B v A, A v C (the first team is the attacker)
  • Each team has three minutes to score, starting from a set piece on the 22m, probably near the sideline. After three minutes, rotate the teams.
  • If there is an infringement, if the attack have the ball, they restart from the infringement. Otherwise that is their attempt over.
  • Make the pitch width in proportion to the teams size. For example, if it is 8 v 8, then half a pitch width.
  • Give a prize for the winning team, to add some fun.
  • Discuss beforehand what might help them win. Discuss after whether they used, or if they came up with something different.
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