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Being a rugby coach means more than knowing how to execute a particular rugby skill, run a rugby drill, or set up a formation. The rugby coaching advice in this section highlights the important issues facing coaches and shows you how to approach them to become a better coach. These articles look at issues such as playing against sides that cheat, coping with problem players, getting a winning mentality and much more.

7 things that make a great coach

in Team Management, Tips

The best coaches make it their job to do certain things all the time. Learn from the best by following their 7 key habits 1. Honesty You want your players to trust you. When it comes to the tough decisions, especially in terms of selection, you should be honest about the reasons for what you... MORE

Concussion Guidelines

Concussion at grassroots – you are working alone too...

in Ask Dan, Contact, Tips

Though you may have been on the courses, it’s not you who has to get up-to-speed. The framework provided to clubs includes such areas as concussion awareness indicators and “Graduated Return To Play” (GRTP)schemes, to help clubs deal with concussion in the most appropriate ways. However, despite these excellent resources and help, down at the... MORE

Winning coach

7 Tools to Make “Ice Cool” Players

in Tips

From Motivating Your Team, Fraser Stott, former scrum half of Heineken cup team Glasgow Warriors, explains how to give your players that all-important mental edge. Mental preparation It is all very well your players’ bodies being ready for the game, but what about their minds? Simple mental preparation can establish focus and concentration, which can... MORE

10 years of Rugby Coach Weekly

Happy 10th birthday to us

in Blog, Rugby coaching

We’ve turned 10 years old and to celebrate we’re giving you access to all of our Rugby Coach Weekly content. Go to our new look website to easily find information on activities, skills, games and plays. As a rugby coach weekly subscriber, you simply need to create an account to have access to a fantastic... MORE

Stop us being too flat in attack

in Ask Dan, Attack, Defence, Rugby coaching, Rugby drills

  Q  How can you improve players’ alignment to stop them getting too flat, so they attack with pace.  Nick Howe, St Paul’s School, U13s A  While you can drill alignment, it rarely transfers into matches. That’s because players don’t sense the context and therefore, when they reach the same situations in matches, they don’t... MORE

Dan coaching in Swansea

10 lessons I’ve learnt from 10 years of Rugby...

in Blog

“I wish I knew then what I knew now” is something we all think. And, since it’s 10 years since I first started to provide weekly info to grassroots coaches, it’s amazing to think how much my own coaching has changed in that time. There are three reasons for this: First, the game has changed... MORE

I’m organising the club awards evening – how can...

in Ask Dan

End-of-season awards evenings can be fraught with difficulties. It can both motivate and demotivate key players and stakeholders and create unwanted divisions. If you are planning to give out awards at the end of your seasons, take these ideas into account.   01 Manage expectations We live in a culture of awards, rewards and competition.... MORE

I volunteered to coach my son’s team, but I’ve...

in Ask Dan

A good coach arrives at training ready to deliver his or her session. Assuming there’s a co-coach or team manager who looks after the health and safety, what does that good coach look like from car-to-pitch? First, they should be corporate in their appearance. Club caps, beanies, rugby shirts or training tops are excellent ways... MORE

How can I introduce more “dog” into my players?

in Ask Dan

I coach an U13 team in Western Australia. I am trying to increase the urgency and physicality of my forwards at the breakdown. We run a variety of intense ruck drills at training on Tuesdays and Thursday which the lads enjoy. They seem to hit me and the other coaches hard when cleaning out but... MORE

My Under 18s team needs more players. What do...

in Ask Dan

The best source of new players is friends of current players. To make the most of this needs proper activation. Speak to each player and get a good idea of who they could ask. Have a checklist of who you’ve spoken to. Most of the conversations will be informal, but you will want to check... MORE

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