What subscribers to Rugby Coach Weekly say:

– Morley Wilson, coach of Lake City Secondary Girls Rugby, Williams Lake, BC, Canada

I have been a high school coach for the last 28 years. The first 23 years I coached teenage boys, and have been coaching girls for the last 5 years. I have had included Rugby Coach Weekly in my resources for as long as I can remember.

Whether I’m planning out my season, drills pertaining to a particular skill, or if I just need a tune up activity when practice plans go out the window. At times, I have been able to send homework with my players to study tactical situations, which saves time at practice, and definitely enhances their understanding.

Over the last two years, my girls’ have finished in the top three, provincially, in both sevens and fifteens high school rugby. Rugby Coach Weekly has definitely been a part of our success.

– Bryan Colbridge, Head Coach – Memphis Blues Rugby Club, Director of Rugby Development – Memphis Inner City Rugby, Assistant Coach – Soulsville High School Rugby Boys and Girls, Memphis, USA


“I have been playing rugby since I was 5 and now at the ripe old age of 31 find myself in the coaching hot seat for several teams in Memphis Tennessee, having previously coached and/or played in the UK and New Zealand.

I came to Memphis in August and already have seen the Memphis Blues (adults) win the Overton Park tournament and compete strongly against other teams in the region. I have also been part of a coaching team that has transformed Soulsville Girls (high school) from a team with 0 wins last year, to having won the West Tennessee Conference and finishing 3rd in the State in the 7s game.

Whilst I have a fair bit of experience, the weekly emails and the other publications that you have are a tremendous help on a weekly basis. They break down the skills into scaffolded structures, building in difficulty and technicality in stages, ensuring that quality is produced and making sure our teams train exactly how they want to play.

Customer service has been excellent throughout my time subscribing – on the occasion that I have deleted files or emails, you have always been on the ball in making sure I don’t lose any valuable materials and respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Whilst it pains me to say this, I am definitely a better coach than player, and that is highly owed to your great manuals”


– Chris Salter, Lampton School, England

Rugby Coach Weekly has benefitted me and my players greatly. Some of the short training drills are ideal to be used for breakout tasks from the main sessions. They are easy to follow, set up and give players and instant sense of achievement.

I started Rugby Coach Weekly just after completing my RFU Level 2 so it has gone hand-in-hand with that and has changed my view on coaching. We now do everything from within a game situation, often mixing up players from other years and adapting our responses accordingly.”


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