Return to play: Adjust, get set, attack

Sometimes the players are not perfectly aligned from an attacking ruck and have to adjust their running lines accordingly. This game-like session helps to adjust.

This is a good session to mix up forwards and backs. You can also identify decision-makers who happily take on the role of the first receiver.

  1. Set up a feeder and three attackers at the side of the box, as shown above.
  2. Put two ruck-pad holders about 3m back from where the feeder will release the ball.
  3. Call out a colour or number and the players sort themselves on the corresponding cones.
  4. They may have a flat, steep or varied alignment.

  1. When the first receiver is ready, the feeder releases the ball and the attackers must pass and run to the “gain line” from where the feeder released the ball without being touched in possession by the ruck-pad holders.

  1. Put five attackers on one line and three defenders 15m away.
  2. Have the 9 run to one of the balls as designated by you.
  3. The attackers have the time it takes for the feeder to get to the ball realign. He passes it immediately.
  4. Playing scrag touch or full contact, the attacking team must score over the line where the defenders started without resorting to a ruck or maul.


  • Ball receiver and carrier need to keep the ball high in front of their body so they can scan.
  • The players should always be an option to take a pass – and be ready to take the pass.
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