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Return to play: Handling skills

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As we begin to return to play and guidelines are adjusted, assuming that contact might be a few weeks or more away, let’s focus on some handling skills. Here are four activities to develop or revise your players’ pass and catch. You can modify them based on your Social Distancing protocols, and then as the... MORE

Return to play: excitement versus practicality

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Like lots of you, I'm excited that we are beginning to return to play. While the word "play" does stretch session might look like now, we can still start to rebuild our connections with our players. At present, most countries will not allow any form of contact training. Therefore, we will need to be patient, and think about what's worthwhile. MORE

RTP: Four tag games for all ages

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Need to inject some new ideas in training. Sometimes the old games have run their course. Well, for the time being anyway. Here are some fun games which are quick to set-up and, with few rules, give the players new challenges. Though they are primarily aimed at mini-tag, you can easily adapt them for older players. I think you find the energy generated quite uplifting. MORE

Non-contact training: Your 4-week plan

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There are many occasions in the coaching year when you will be looking to improve and engage your team without using activities that require contact, so I've put together four sessions of activities to help you do just that. Each session is split into three sections to ensure that a good range of coaching bases are covered: decision-making, skills and then a touch game to finish. MORE

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