The Lineout and How To Win It

Boost your players' lineout skills and tactics
Dan Cottrell, Jason Lewis

Over 100 pages of skills, practices and tactical plays, covering every aspect of the lineout, it is the most comprehensive lineout coaching book ever published.


Containing all the coaching advice you need, The Lineout and How to Win It covers:

The Core Skills – Player and unit skills and ways to perfect them.

  • Throwing in – grip, stance, throw sequence, accuracy, strength, timing.
  • Jumping – stance, jump sequence, speed, movement, jump height.
  • Catching – catching action, reaction timing, ball delivery, beating opponents.
  • Lifting – stance, lift sequence, front and rear grips, team work, coordination.
  • Unit skills – jump-lift sequence, movement, speed, timing.

The Great Lineout Playbook – 48 tactical plays, each clearly explained with easy to follow diagrams taking you through every stage of the move. Including:

  • Front, middle, back balls.
  • Full and split lineouts.
  • 6-man, 5-man, 4-man lineouts.
  • Options to bring an extra player into the line.
  • Defensive lineouts.

More than just a list, the Move Finder allows you to select a play that suits your team, targets a weakness in the opposition, and exploits the circumstances of the match.

The Lineout and How to Win It is the complete authority on the lineout. It is easy to use and will deliver in training and the match.



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8 reviews for The Lineout and How To Win It

  1. Avatar

    Sergio Torres

    Excellent, very important for the development of the lineout, it served us a lot.

  2. Avatar

    Kevin Barrow


    The book helped us develop the skill of the lineout.

    Very well detailed training and very pleasant presentation of the book, with clear drawings.

    Sergio A. Torres

  3. Avatar

    Mark Hosking

    This book is great from young ages (15+) up to seniors. It provides a comprehensive overview of the lineout process and thinking, tactical and strategic considerations and down to earth advice. One particularly pleasing feature is the number of options for set up it provides for certain positions on the filed. Another great publication from Dan and the Team

  4. Avatar

    Neil Roberts

    Having read ‘The Lineout and How to win it’ – I can say that the format, content and description of each lineout situation and set up was very helpful.

    It is always good to look at the lineout with another set of eyes, especially when you are stuck in your ways like I am.

    More importantly, the boys were able to pick up the concepts and welcome the changes with regards to variation, movements and options. We were able to implement the new movement series without difficulty and almost seamless.

    I forwarded the document to the lineout captains and they had a grasp of what we were doing before the session so they were able to ‘peer teach’ and take responsibility.

    Overall, our lineout numbers were high and our attacking options also increased. A very worthwhile resource.

    – Neil Roberts – Director of Rugby – King’s College School Wimbledon – UK

  5. Avatar

    Andy Wilkinson

    I bought this manual some years ago and it has become and integral part of my lineout coaching sessions.

    The set moves are clear and easy to use. This manual is is great for coaches of all levels and you will see the results instantly.

    Andy Wilkinson – Northumberland U15 & 16 coach – UK

  6. Avatar

    Carter Croft

    As we all know winning the lineout, is one of the major factors to winning the match.

    Dan has produced a quality manual to make this possible.

    He commences by breaking down this complex facet of play with the basics, the drills, the illustrations, the law interpretations and how and where to use the many different tactics: these are made clear to comprehend from beginners to the elite of the game.

    It is my opinion that this is one of his best pieces of work – Highly recommended.

    – Carter Croft – Swiss National Coach, Swiss U20 – Forwards Coach and former Skills Coach in Pro 2 France

  7. Avatar

    Bart Schoeman

    I have been fortunate to coach a very talented group of boys during the past 3 years. My school side played 58 matches during these 3 years and won 57 of them, against the best schools in South Africa.

    We played in 6 provincial finals during the past 3 years and we have won every one of them convincingly – As a coach you rarely experience years like these.

    I have been a great supporter of your Rugby Coach Weekly website and coaching material for some time now. I can assure you that the well structured manuals played a major part in giving me the confidence to coach at these various levels and working with players of international repertoire.

    The Lineout and How to Win it is not only well structured but can be used by coaches at all levels. I have gained a lot not only in using the information but also applying the basic principles and sensible approach used in the manual.

    I would like to congratulate you on a terrific coaching source and I am sure that a lot of coaches will make use of it in future.

    – Bart Schoeman – Director of Rugby – South Africa

  8. Avatar

    Alex Chang

    I have found the Manual to be extremely helpful.

    Not only has it given us creative lineouts that are simple to use, but it lets you know where to use them and what you can do from the platform it provides you.

    On top of this it provides you with the exercises to improve your skills to execute the lineout you want to use, it is the complete lineout training manual!

    We are winning more of our own ball as well as the oppositions and are starting to dominate the competition.

    – Alex Chang – Coach RC The Dukes – Netherlands

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Jason was the Wales Women's coach. Dan Cottrell is the Rugby Coach Weekly head coach and editor.