Phil Larder’s Knock Them Down

Improve Every Players' Tackling Skills
Phil Larder


Coach your players in the perfect technique for all types of 1v1 tackling, with guidance from one of rugby’s greatest coaches, Phil Larder.

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DVD from legendary coach Phil Larder, showing you how to get your players to make perfect, hard-hitting tackles every time. Ideal for players aged 13 years and older.

No defensive system, not even Phil’s famed iron curtain defence, can operate successfully, unless your players have an exceptional tackle technique.

Using real-match scenarios, Phil Larder’s Knock Them Down DVD shows you how to improve every players’ tackling skills – no matter what their position or current ability.

Phil Larder’s defensive training techniques have helped coaches at every level. His Knock Them Down DVD will help you teach your players the best ways to tackle powerfully, successfully and safely.

The emphasis is on the quality of the tackle not simply the power of the collision. The drills covered will ensure performing a tackle correctly and safely will become second nature to your players.

There will be no reluctance to make the hit, with every player from 1 to 15 confident they can bring their opponent down every time.

For instance, there are drills to show forwards how to defend the fringes of rucks, while your back three players will have their positioning and decision-making tested through a number 2 v 1 and 3 v 1 scenarios.




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Phil Larder MBE, is an English rugby league and rugby union coach. Phil Larder coached both England rugby league team at the 1995 World Cup. Phil was also appointed coach of Great Britain and Ireland on their 1996 tour of New Zealand.