Master Coach Volume 3

Essential Drills and Games
Dan Cottrell

101 simple, proven activities to improve your team – expert rugby coaching sessions from Rugby Coach Weekly.


Matches can be won and lost in a single moment.

Do your players have the ability to grasp that match winning opportunity? Have they got the skill and confidence to make the right play when it matters most? Our Master Coach Volume 3 manual brings together 108 drills and games giving you a huge variety of sessions that you can use to take your team to the next level.

Each session comes with examples of how you can use it in games and, where relevant, gives an example of a player or team who plays in this way. To help bring them to life for you and your players.

All Master Coach activities have clear, easy to follow illustrations. So you always know exactly what you need your players to do.

Sessions are designed to be simple to set up with clear written instructions. So you can dive straight into coaching.

Master Coach Volume 3 helps to build techniques but also shows you and your players exactly how what you learn in sessions translates into match play.


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2 reviews for Master Coach Volume 3

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    Brett Weimann

    I have all three Master Coach volumes and use them very much to garner ideas to common challenges with developing and keeping players interested.

    They are all very simple to use and allow for a coach to add their own spin into the training.

    – Brett Weimann – UK

  2. Avatar

    Michael McLoughlin

    Well done on your Master Coach.

    This is the most comprehensive coaching manual I have seen. Very informative and a sure guide to success.

    Many rugby player futures that will be determined by the sound tactical and coaching advice you are making available.

    – Michael McLoughlin – South Africa

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Dan is a practising RFU Level 3 coach and coach educator. He coaches with the Bristol Bears DPP programme, is the assistant coach with University of Bristol Women's team and is a coach mentor for Broad Plain RFC mini and juniors section. He was Head Coach of Swansea Schools U15 and has previously held coaching roles with the Young Ospreys Academy and as Assistant Coach with the Wales Women's Team for the 2010 World Cup. He was director of rugby for Cranleigh School, Surrey. Previously he played rugby for Bath and Bristol.