Master Coach Volume 1

Challenge Your Approach to the Game
Dan Cottrell

108 simple, proven activities to improve your team – expert rugby coaching sessions from Rugby Coach Weekly.


Matches can be won and lost in a single moment.

Do your players have the ability to grasp that match winning opportunity? Have they got the skill and confidence to make the right play when it matters most? Our Master Coach manual brings together 108 drills and games giving you a huge variety of sessions that you can use to take your team to the next level.

Each session comes with examples of how you can use it in games and, where relevant, gives an example of a player or team who plays in this way. To help bring them to life for you and your players.

All Master Coach activities have clear, easy to follow illustrations. So you always know exactly what you need your players to do.

Sessions are designed to be simple to set up with clear written instructions. So you can dive straight into coaching.

Master Coach helps to build techniques but also shows you and your players exactly how what you learn in sessions translates into match play.

Master Coach has expert advice on how to solve every day coaching queries, like how to improve tackling, passing and rucking.

It is also designed to challenge your approach to the game and work to help you make your players more rounded.

Sessions are grouped into defence, handling, set pieces and kicking and then subdivided into 3 age groups to help you find what you need.



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8 reviews for Master Coach Volume 1

  1. Avatar

    Glen Somerville

    On purchasing the first Master Coach manual I was unsure if it would be of help as I was coaching in France, The system in France is very different to the UK.

    I started to introduce the different training modules in our training sessions and they proved to be a great success, even to the point where other coaches from other age groups were taking notice.

    That in itself proves that Master Coach works.

    When the 2nd addition was published I could not wait to try out the new modules. Once again a great success. I use both Master Coach manuals for the Under 14’s and we use them with the seniors.

    It is always good to bring something fresh and new into training. I will along with my other coaches continue to use both master coach manuals.

    Continue the good work.

    Glen Somerville – France

  2. Avatar

    Geoff Benstead

    I have lots of drills and games in my head that can be used, but by referencing the Master Coach manual I am able to keep the sessions fresh and “new” by adding content from the many 100s of elements in the book.

    It is great to have by your side as you pull together that session needed to focus on the next weeks game or fix up some issues from last week.

    – Geoff Benstead – Northern Suburbs RFC, Sydney, Australia

  3. Avatar

    Richard Bevan

    I must confess, I am using this manual as my cheat-sheet.

    My players probably think I am coming up with all sorts of original ideas, when actually I am getting them from the manual. If there is something that the team need to work on from our previous match, there is nearly always an appropriate exercise to use.

    My own children start training at 6.30pm, and I am coaching the senior team at 8.00pm. After a busy day at work, this is my window of opportunity to plan the training session, and I dip straight into the manual.

    During training I often develop the exercises as I see fit for my players, so I still have the satisfaction of being creative, yet the hard work of developing exercises from scratch has already been done.

    Well worth the money in my opinion.

    – Richard Bevan – Senior Team Coach Laakdal Rugby Club (National Division 3) – Belgium

  4. Avatar

    Mark Burnell

    After coaching youth rugby in UK [Wells RFC] for 20 plus years I had my grasp of techniques and how to deliver them.

    Every coach should recognise the need to keep training fresh and meaningful and for me the added challenge last season and again this season, as I am coaching a French youth side [RC Faverges].

    The Master Coach Manual became my go-to reference and helped me cut through barriers of language and established French training methods.

    The manual is categorised skill set/age/difficulty and enables you to plan and focus the training to suit your requirements and the narrative tells you what/how and why you are doing and how to progress the degrees of difficulty.

    My French players look forward to training and have improved immensely and after our success the other French Coaches have now embraced the manual.

    A great buy usually kept in my kit bag but the First Team Coach has borrowed it! Speaks for itself.

    – Mark Burnell Youth Coach RC Faverges [France]

  5. Avatar

    – Doug Oliver

    Looks good. Clear and easy to follow with several exercises for each key area.

    This is great when planning a session as I can either slot a new exercise in to a familiar session to freshen it, or build a new session with several new exercises with the same focus.

    Keep up the good work.

    – Doug Oliver (level 2 Goole RUFC) – UK

  6. Avatar

    Michael McLoughlin

    Well done on your Master Coach.

    This is the most comprehensive coaching manual I have seen. Very informative and a sure guide to success.

    Many rugby player futures that will be determined by the sound tactical and coaching advice you are making available.

    – Michael McLoughlin – South Africa

  7. Avatar

    Jim Joyce

    Having been a regular user of your publications and this one continues in the presentation of a well structured, superbly presented coaching resource.

    – Jim Joyce – UK

  8. Avatar

    Mike Bowers

    As ever you provide some simple to follow games and drills to address core coaching and specific skills, so I see it as yet another very good book for any coach.

    – Mike Bowers – UK

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Dan is a practising RFU Level 3 coach and coach educator. He coaches with the Bristol Bears DPP programme, is the assistant coach with University of Bristol Women's team and is a coach mentor for Broad Plain RFC mini and juniors section. He was Head Coach of Swansea Schools U15 and has previously held coaching roles with the Young Ospreys Academy and as Assistant Coach with the Wales Women's Team for the 2010 World Cup. He was director of rugby for Cranleigh School, Surrey. Previously he played rugby for Bath and Bristol.