Fun Rugby Games for 12 to 15 Year-olds

Easy to Set Up, Understand and Play
Eamonn Hogan

25 fun, engaging and progressive games to educate and encourage players aged 12-15. These are perfect for building skills and will mean your players always have fun in training.


Fun Rugby Games For 12 to 15 Year Olds is written by Eamonn Hogan.

After 30 years of teaching and coaching youngsters, Eamonn has put together some of his favourite training games in this new manual. These games:

  • Will help you teach basic rugby skills to children aged 12 to 15 years old
  • Are ideal for experienced and novice teachers and coaches
  • Are easy to set up, understand and play
  • Require little or no equipment
  • Will keep the children active
  • Will educate and promote teamwork
  • Are progressive, so you can develop the children’s knowledge
  • Offer great variety
  • Are outcome focused, with objectives to achieve with your players
  • Are energetic – the games are a “sneaky” way of introducing fitness
  • Will encourage the players to try out things to find out what works
  • Will let the children have fun, to keep them coming back, week-after-week.

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Eamonn has been a coach since 1991 and spent his years in the RAF honing his skills working in England, Scotland and Germany. Upon leaving the military, Eamonn has volunteered his time with the Leicester Tigers Academy, coaching at club level, Constituent Body and regional levels in the Midlands along with multiple experiences at many State and Independent schools. Here he has worked as an educator in Sport and PE and as part of Special Education Needs Department which has added further to his skill set as a modern coach. Since 2005, he has travelled many times to the USA and has seen their growth as a rugby nation up close and has been fortunate to meet and work alongside many of their higher level coaches and some of their overseas guests from the Southern Hemisphere. In 2016, Eamonn was the only overseas coach to be invited to work in USA's first professional rugby competition where he worked with the Ohio Aviators. With a professional attitude and greatly influenced from his many voluntary experiences, Eamonn has significant empathy with modern coaches and the demands that can be placed on their time as he has lived through many of those experiences himself. Eamonn has written for Rugby Coach Weekly since 2012, authoring two of our books specifically designed for coaches who work with youth players