Coaches Psychology for Rugby

Don't Neglect The Mental Game
Andy Barton


Motivate, focus and coach your team to achieve better results with coaches psychology for rugby.

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“The mind is the most important muscle in sport, but we never train it”.

Being a coach is a touch job, the way you manage your players is just as important as the drills you run.

Andy Barton is one of sport’s premier psychologists use to working with some of rugby’s top players.

In this unique DVD, Andy explains the techniques and tips that you can use to motivate, focus and coach your team to better results, covering:

  • team talks
  • motivation
  • player management
  • preparing for success
  • enhancing performance.

From how you address the team to how you connect with individual players, Andy shows the mental tools and drills that you need to gain your teams respect and help them win more games.

Learn the management techniques of the Pros with this DVD.




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Andy Barton is one of the UK's leading performance consultants, as well as a trainer, mentor, writer and speaker. He has a worldwide client base working in the areas of sport, business the performing arts and personal development.