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Staying alive

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“Staying alive” means keeping some forward momentum through the contact area. So rather than meekly going to ground when faced with a defender, the ball carrier fights to stay on their feet. This provides a better target for the support players and improves your team’s recycling of the ball. MORE

How to ruck and time preceding support runs 2

Ruck, support and pass

in Attack, Contact, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Winning the ruck is one thing. Timing runs from the back of the ruck is even harder. Here is a core session that works on players taking the pass from a ruck and going into a second contact situation with support. It works for the whole squad and builds on good rucking techniques. MORE

How to anticipate the ball carriers movement through focus of their core 3

It’s hip to be square-on

in Practice plans, Tackling

The best tacklers read the movements of the ball carrier and anticipate where they are going. This session improves anticipation skills by focusing on the core of the ball carrier. The hips don’t dummy, so if the tackler can keep his eyes on this area, he should make more tackles. MORE

How to run straight lines or angles 1

Straight lines or angles?

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Players sometimes try to be too complicated when there may be easier ways to move the ball into space. This session works on developing running and passing skills against different defences. Players should run angles at a defensive overload and straight lines if they have an overlap. MORE

How to sweep for pace 3

Sweep for pace

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Taking a pass at pace means that defenders need to quickly refocus from passer to receiver. This means the receiver has more chance of going through gaps and creating space. And of course they are more difficult to tackle. This session has receivers appearing from behind the ball carrier to add pace on to the ball. MORE

How to coach the 4v3 around corners 1

4v3 round the corner

in Attack, Practice plans

Attackers often come around the corner of the ruck to attack on a second or third phase. This session works on their alignment, timing and passing skills to make sure they run straight and fix defenders. It builds towards a 4v3. MORE

How to loop for the extra man 2

Loop for the extra man

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

The loop pulls in defenders and creates space for your runners. The passer follows his pass and takes a return pass on the outside of the receiver, thus creating an extra player in attack. It can be used in isolation or as part of a set piece move. MORE

How to improve passing and simple angle changing 3

Simple hands

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Though the session is called “simple hands”, there is nothing easy about passing and catching under pressure. Your players will improve with focused practice in matchlike situations. The variety of angles and approaches they make forces players to concentrate on their technique under pressure. MORE

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