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How to coach dinkys drill- part 2


in Attack, Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

Flat quick defences can be undone with short chip kicks. “Dinkys” works on the accurate execution of this type of kick and the chase from the other players afterwards. This sort of play will increase your tactical armoury and is becoming prevalent at the top level. MORE

How to coach shift drive drill- part 2

Shift drive

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

A good maul can change its point of attack to keep the defenders refocusing their efforts. Especially from a lineout, a “shift drive” moves the ball quickly from one driving maul to another. It requires lots of communication because the players are working in close unison to protect the ball and maintain momentum. MORE

How to coach Klingon attack drill- part 3

Klingon attack

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Sometimes you will play against a side that takes ruthless advantage of a poor referee. “Star Trek” fans will remember that the “Klingons” were always quick to aggressively exploit such a situation. Some of their traits and do-or-die attitude give us an ideal opportunity to set up some challenging exercises for attack and defence. MORE

How to coach blitz and drift drill- part 3

Blitz and drift

in Defence, Practice plans

Defensive systems must be flexible to adapt to the number of attackers v defenders. Sometimes, even if you plan to run a hard up, blitz defence, an overload in attack means having to revert to a drift defence. This session makes players look up, scan the field and communicate which type of defence to use. MORE

How to coach shapeshifters drill- part 2


in Contact, Fitness & Conditioning, Practice plans

To have a successful rugby team, your backs have to be able to ruck and your forwards have to be able to pass in open play. Without those skills, your team will struggle to maintain continuity. This session challenges players to change roles and adapt quickly. MORE

How to coach after the lineout drill- part 2

After the lineout

in Practice plans, Scrums & Lineouts

This is a tactical situation based on what happens after winning (or losing) lineout ball. The session fits neatly into in-season training, and as part of the pre-season programme to get players into game mode. MORE

Kick off highs

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

Ironically, one of the safest methods of taking a kick off receipt is by lifting a player into the air. This takes some practice and requires good timing, but because the player does not need to be at his highest point to take the ball, it is worth trying out. MORE

How to coach to ruck, or not to ruck drill- part 2

To ruck, or not to ruck

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Split your team in half, with one set defending and the other attacking. Put the attack at the far end of the box, 20m from the try line, and the defence no more than 5m away. Play normal rugby laws, but no kicking. The attack cannot move the ball out of the box unless they score or make two rucks. Swap attack and defence after three attempts. MORE

How to coach pheasant shoot drill- part 3

Pheasant shoot

in Attack, Practice plans

This session looks at situations where defenders come in from the side, such as after a break by the attack. Defenders have to look at ways of cutting down the attacking options. Attackers have to work out how to fix defenders and commit them to make a tackle. MORE

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