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How to coach to ruck, or not to ruck drill- part 2

To ruck, or not to ruck

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Split your team in half, with one set defending and the other attacking. Put the attack at the far end of the box, 20m from the try line, and the defence no more than 5m away. Play normal rugby laws, but no kicking. The attack cannot move the ball out of the box unless they score or make two rucks. Swap attack and defence after three attempts. MORE

How to coach pheasant shoot drill- part 3

Pheasant shoot

in Attack, Practice plans

This session looks at situations where defenders come in from the side, such as after a break by the attack. Defenders have to look at ways of cutting down the attacking options. Attackers have to work out how to fix defenders and commit them to make a tackle. MORE

How to coach living on the edge drill- part 2

Living on the edge

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Basic skills should be practised with and without pressure. “Living on the edge” tests whether players can move the ball to team mates in space, or retain possession under different intensities. It is a balance of risk and return. MORE

How to coach odds and evens drill -part 1

Odds and evens

in Attack, Practice plans

Split your players into four attackers and a feeder against three defenders. Set out some coloured or numbered cones near one end (as in the bottom picture). Start the attackers and defenders in the middle and shout out which cones you want the defenders to run to. In the meantime, the attack run back to their own try line and receive the ball from the feeder, before scanning for gaps and attacking. Play normal rugby rules but do not allow rucks. MORE

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