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Grubber targets 3

Grubber targets

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

The grubber kick can unlock tight defences, but only if it is executed well and used at the right time. Developing the technical skills needed can be done in a closed training environment. But developing the understanding of when to use the kick is best learned through playing kicking games in training. MORE

How to improve decision making and convert 2v1s 2

2 v 1 score

in Attack, Practice plans

A 2 v 1 is the ideal attacking scenario. How crucial is it for players to understand how to exploit these situations? “2 v 1 score” will develop your players’ ability to benefit from these opportunities. MORE

How to perfect pull back passing 3

Pull back passing

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans, Return to play

Pull back passing is a development of normal passing because it creates more space for the receiver. Since the ball carrier is fixing the defender, the gap between defence and attack is tighter. Pull back passing can exploit more gaps wider out because it gives the receiver more time to take and give the pass. MORE

How to improve fielding the ball from a kick 2


in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

Any player may need to catch the high ball. Usually forwards from the kick off, backs from open play. The principles of “fielding” the catch include being aware of your support players and thinking what to do next. This session builds on those principles. MORE

How to position in rucks 3

Planes taking off

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Safe rucking equals good rucking. This session helps players get the idea that arriving at the ruck with a good body position will give them more power at the contact and will keep them on their feet. This low to high movement is like a plane taking off. MORE

Three point stance 2

Three point stance

in Defence, Practice plans

The three point stance is used in American Football, where getting low and exploding forward is essential for players in the front line. Defending the channels close to a ruck is very similar. Players need to be ready to go but patient, waiting for the ball to be played. It’s then a race to get to the gain line and stop the attack. MORE

Tackle count 1

Tackle count

in Practice plans, Tackling

Help your players relish tackling by making a competition of it. Not only will this improve the team’s defence as they become incentivised to tackle more, it can change the mindset of players from “have to tackle” to “want to tackle”. MORE

Get back in the game 2

Get back in the game

in Defence, Practice plans, Tackling

Effective defence wins games. You need to have as many players defending for as much of the time as you can. Players who like a rest after making a tackle, or like to lean on a ruck that is already lost are not helping your defensive cause. “Get back in the game” should become the mantra for your players after every tackle. MORE

Middle man pressure 2

Middle man pressure

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

You should develop your players’ passing under pressure as much as possible. It is easy to run up and down passing without hindrance, but this does not reflect the real game. The session builds towards a game which works on the key elements that make passing more difficult: pressure within a reduced space. MORE

Whip it back 2

Whip it back

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

As a defence drifts across the pitch to cover attacking players, it becomes vulnerable to a switch in the direction of the attack. Often, however, when this switch is used it is on a whim of a single player, who goes on his own and ends up isolated. “Whip back” provides your team with a structured approach to the play. MORE

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