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How to coach drive throughs drill- part 3

Drive throughs

in Contact, Footwork and evasion, Practice plans

Win the contact collision with good footwork, good body positions and an extra player if necessary. The role of the support player can be crucial in “pushing” the ball carrier through a well-defended space and then securing the ball. The game works on the practicalities of working out how to position the support player to achieve this. MORE

How to coach defence preps drill- part 2

Defence preps

in Defence, Practice plans

Good attacks disrupt the defensive shape, so getting defenders back into position quickly can frustrate the attacking plans and plays. The main part of this session can be used as a pre match warm up. It concentrates on adjusting the width of the defence to suit the attacking situation. MORE

How to coach lineout maul drill- part 3

Lineout maul

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling, Scrums & Lineouts

Most mauls are set up from a lineout – the “catch and drive”. The modern lineout maul is not immediately driven as soon as the jumper touches down with the ball. The attacking players use a catch-set-ready-drive sequence from the lineout to build the best base for the maul. MORE

How to coach precise passing drill- part 2

Precise passing

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Don’t let better players settle for second best when passing the ball. This session creates an unusual exercise to make sure passes are made accurately and with good pace. It also makes the receiver more acutely aware of their role in providing a target. MORE

How to coach wrestle tackles drill- part 2

Wrestle tackles

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling, Tackling

Many tackles made around the edge of a ruck or scrum are not standard tackles. The defender needs to react quickly to the situation and sometimes use different skills to bring the ball carrier down. Some of these might be wrestling-type throws, which this session concentrates on. MORE

How to coach handling width drill- part 2

Handling width

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

If the opposition defence is grouped on one side of the pitch, there will be spaces on the other side. These spaces might be wide out, or between the defenders who have spread out further than normal to cover the space. This session works to get your players exploiting these spaces with accurate long passes. MORE

How to coach continuity challenge drill- part 2

Continuity challenge

in Attack, Practice plans

Continuity allows teams to exert pressure. This session challenges the players to think about the shape of the defence and the possible contact points, to anticipate the spaces to attack. The innovative shape of the game situation will force different, possibly unusual, solutions. MORE

How to coach danger man drill- part 1

Danger man

in Attack, Defence, Practice plans

Most opposition teams have one or two “danger men” who can control the game. Stop them playing and there is a good chance the opposition will grind to a halt. This session works on cutting down the space and time for a danger man, without compromising the whole defence. MORE

How to coach double d ruck drill- part 1

Double “D” ruck

in Defence, Practice plans, Tackling

In defence, the first player to the tackle situation can determine whether the ball is “quick” or “slow”. He may also get a chance to turn over the ball. This session works on the defence winning the ball back by reacting in pairs, the double “D” of the title (“D” is for defence). MORE

How to coach touchline attack drill-part 1

Touchline attack

in Attack, Practice plans

Keep the attacking play moving towards and up close to one touchline opens up the field. The Lions, Wales and South Africa have all used this tactic recently before releasing the ball back the other way. This session looks at working the ball up the touchline, avoiding going into touch and retaining possession. MORE

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