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How to improve passing and simple angle changing 3

Simple hands

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Though the session is called “simple hands”, there is nothing easy about passing and catching under pressure. Your players will improve with focused practice in matchlike situations. The variety of angles and approaches they make forces players to concentrate on their technique under pressure. MORE

How to follow the pass 2

Following the pass

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

The natural reaction of a good player must be that once he passes the ball, he follows the ball. If he can then get outside the player who he passed to, he creates an extra man in attack. Otherwise he is in a good position to support if the receiver goes into contact. This session looks at using the loop to create this extra support player. MORE

How to score horizontally 2

Horizontal scoring

in Attack, Practice plans

This session works on players scoring tries in the corner by diving for the line. It is not just for wingers, since forwards can find themselves in a similar position, for example if the ball comes from a blindside move following a breakdown. Think about how your players dive for the line, and what works best for them. MORE

How to attack the space 2

Attack the space

in Attack, Practice plans

A try from a passing movement requires your players to make the best decisions given the state of the defence in front of them. This session helps the attack to force the defence out of position and so make these decisions easier. MORE

How to catch and secure high balls 3

High jinx

in Kicking & Catching, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Most players in the team will have to catch a high ball at some stage, whether from a kick and chase, kick off or drop out restart. And if they are not involved in catching, they alternatively will have to support the catcher. Though primarily aimed at the back three, this session has benefits for all players. MORE

How to move more effective into tackles by using the front up approach 1

Front up tackling

in Practice plans, Tackling

An organised defensive system requires players to make front on tackles. This often means the defender has to adjust his position to make sure he is in a strong body shape to make the tackle. This session works on developing the required techniques through to a game situation. MORE

Turbulence 1


in Attack, Practice plans

Playing rugby at speed, and at a pace much faster than their opponents, is a goal many teams strive for. Going beyond what you think your limits are and playing at a turbulent pace takes your players that one step beyond the rest. At first, it will lead to mistakes, but in the longer term your opponents will not be able to cope with you. MORE

How to counter attack 2

Counter attack

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

Counter attack is becoming a more common aspect of the game as teams refuse to kick for touch, but instead kicked for territory. This simple session helps the players discover ways to counter attack. It should be a standard session for every season. MORE

How to land on two feet and go 2

Land on two feet and go!

in Footwork and evasion, Practice plans

This session builds up a simple skill: Landing on two feet and stepping away from contact is a pre-sidestep motion It is a good technique for all players. When moving at speed and with a potential tackler in pursuit, they can jump, land and step, either to beat the defender or offload. MORE

Grubber targets 3

Grubber targets

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

The grubber kick can unlock tight defences, but only if it is executed well and used at the right time. Developing the technical skills needed can be done in a closed training environment. But developing the understanding of when to use the kick is best learned through playing kicking games in training. MORE

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