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How to improve support play 2

Solid support

in Attack, Practice plans

Often, the ball carrier’s closest support comes from the player who has just passed the ball, or the player who might next receive it. Neither are particularly well placed to support from depth, so this session helps them move into positions to provide the most effective help in the contact area. MORE

How to improve defending through communication and grouping 2

Line protectors

in Defence, Practice plans

Build a team defence ethic by having players defend in threes and fours. This session is far more practical than simple “line, shout and up” type exercises, because during a match there are so many situations to cover. Players will have to cover both narrow and wide spaces, improving their tackling and communication. MORE

How to win quicker ruck ball 2

Quicker ruck ball guaranteed

in Contact, Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

If all your players follow this session, you will win quicker ruck ball – I guarantee it. The idea behind the session is simple. The more players who arrive in the contact area at below the hip height of a standing player, the more effective your team’s rucking will be. MORE

How to improve staying on feet in contact 2

Nose to the ground

in Contact, Practice plans

Forget cargo nets or limbo flagpoles to keep your players in a strong, low position. This fun session is designed to keep players at the best height for contact and keep them on their feet. MORE

How to improve the defensive line 1

The weakest kink

in Defence, Practice plans

Work on defensive line speed and communication with the “weakest kink”. Defenders have to adjust their running lines to make sure they are not exposed. Instead of “drilling” the defensive lines, defenders will have to work out the solutions for themselves. A good session as well for attackers to scan where the space is. MORE

How to improve attacking footwork 2

Curves and jumps

in Attack, Practice plans

Improve players’ footwork going forward, so they beat the opposition, or at least create a chance for a good offload in contact. This is a simple session to set up and can be adjusted easily to suit the stages of your players’ development. MORE

How to support in contact 2

Seek, speak and support

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

The role of the second player arriving at contact is crucial. It involves one of the trickiest, yet frequent, decision-making situations in the game. To help make the right decision and to keep momentum going forward, players must communicate. MORE

How to execute perfect miss passes 2

Execute perfect miss passes

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

The miss pass is frequently misused. When executed at the right time, it releases attackers but too often allows defenders to drift out and push the attack towards touch. This session will develop the understanding of when to use a miss pass - or not. MORE

How to improve the rucking technique 1

Can’t ruck, won’t ruck

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

All your players have to be able to clear away defenders at the breakdown. Though you won’t want your 9 or 10 to do too much of this work, they may be the first ones there. This session forces players to learn and creates confidence to ruck more. MORE

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