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Looking up 2

Looking up

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Looking up means your attacking players focus on the defence, to identify weaknesses and exploit them. By using visual cues, your players then will be able to make quick decisions on where to run and where to pass. I use variations of this session all the time to improve my players’ decision making. MORE

How to use gaps to attack 2

Gap attack

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

In open play we want our players to identify the gaps in the defence AND move the ball towards those gaps AND then go through the gaps. This session works on these simple ideas, which you know are not so easy to execute. MORE

How to develop an effective defensive system 3

Magic 3s

in Defence, Practice plans

At every World Cup so far, the winning team has conceded the fewest tries per game over the tournament. Defence is all about teamwork and trust. It needs to be worked on in almost every training session. An effective defence is a simple defence, and nothing could be simpler and more effective than “Magic 3s”. MORE

When to use a miss pass 2

Miss me

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

The miss pass is the most commonly misused pass in rugby. When executed at the right time it can release attackers, but too often it simply allows defenders to drift out and push the attack towards touch. “Miss me” will develop your players’ understanding of when to use a miss pass. MORE

Maul it 3

Maul it

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Mauls can be great attacking weapons. But they must be fast and dynamic, driving the opposition backwards, to provide quick clean go forward possession. The maul is simple to set up, but takes lots of live practice to perfect. “Maul it” shows you how to start the process. MORE

How to turn slow ball into quick ball 3

Turbo ball

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Turn slow ball into quick ball using a technique called “turbo ball”. In essence, instead of the ball carrier going forward on his own a support player binds on to him and together they drive into contact. MORE

How to improve chasing the kick off 3

Squeeze the receivers

in Contact, Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

A good chase from a kick off can put pressure on the opposition at a crucial moment in the game. Either from the start of a half or when your team has gone a score down, you can squeeze the opposition into a narrow area with few options to break out. This session works on that tactic. MORE

How create simple but effective attacking plays by having open options 2

Options open

in Attack, Backs moves, Practice plans

All too often defences can tell exactly where the ball is going and who the strike runner is going to be. “Options open” is all about creating as many realistic attacking options for the passing player and keeping the defence guessing until it’s too late. The patterns are basic and can be achieved by any team. MORE

How to tackle in 2s 3

Double trouble

in Practice plans, Tackling

The two man tackle is a high risk-high reward tactic. When successful it can lead to a turnover behind the gain line. But when executed in the wrong situation it can split your defence wide open. “Double trouble” develops the technique needed and puts players in situations where they have to judge when to make two man tackles. MORE

Rumbling force 2

Rumbling force

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Build the maul from good individual body positions into a collective force rumbling forward. Each player needs to understand their roles in the maul and this session gives the players different situations to work on their mauling. This session follows on from Session 149 “Maul it”. MORE

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