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Covering core and advanced skills, each Practice Plan provides the blueprint for an entire session for you to run with your team. A quick read through and you've got a ready-made session to take on to the pitch. Perfect for when you're running late and don't have time to hunt around for new ideas.

Practice Plans can be adapted by the coach to suit any age group from age 7 to 16, and are appropriate for adult teams. As a Rugby Coach Weekly subscriber you can access all 200 Practice Plans on the website covering the entire range of skills and tactics, in a format you can easily print and take to training.

How to coach and develop attacking options from a maul 2

Maul a-peel

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

If you have control of the maul with the ball at the back, you can continue to attack close to the maul by “peeling off”. This keeps your forward momentum going and pressurises the fringes of the defence which may not be in position to stop the peel because they are engaged in stopping the maul. This is a good session for forwards. MORE

How to promote the use of keeping your head up 2

Heads up and beat the chaos

in Passing & Handling, Practice plans

We need to develop players’ ability to pass with their heads up to see what’s coming. This session helps them pass in corridors of traffic and limit the chance of collisions. It is a simple session to set up and has plenty of developments. MORE

Don’t squeeze it, post it – quickly!

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Your team needs a range of tactics to improve the presentation of the ball at the point of contact. One method, which should not be confused with squeeze ball, is posting the ball between the legs during the contact, with other players clearing out defenders. It should provide quick ball, with the defence on the back foot. MORE

How to win a scrap for ball 1

Scrap for the ball

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

There is a lot of “wrestling” for the ball in rugby. Ball carriers want to hold on to the ball, while defenders want to rip it away. A wrestle might develop into a maul. This session works on both attackers and defenders learning how to protect or win the ball. MORE

How to improve judgement and know where to attack 2

Play what’s in front of you

in Attack, Practice plans

Playing what is in front of you is a tough skill to master, even for the most experienced players. But that does not mean it should not be practised at all levels of the game. These simple activities will challenge the players to pass, support and communicate quickly. MORE

How to defend using the weak shoulder 2

Weak shoulders? Close those gaps

in Practice plans, Tackling

This session looks at the ball carrier attacking the weak shoulder but is more about defenders avoiding this problem. A weak shoulder is where the defender is attacked on the side he is not set up to tackle on so normally the attacker can step inside. The two activities will help players gain better balance before making a tackle. MORE

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