Would you love to play in the team you coach?

Digby Webb, a South African working at a top English rugby school, tells me how his experiences with top coaches in his homeland shaped the way he controls his coaching environment.

He explains how he learned that there was no need for shouting, and it was all about mutual respect and honesty. He’s reaping the rewards of this approach with his current teams as both the team and Digby are enjoying each others’ company.

I challenged him to explain how other coaches could you use a similar approach. He tells us:

  • How to have honest conversations with your players.
  • Ways to create situations where players can share their real feelings.
  • Great ideas to change your training – and they include magic and water.
  • How you can be vulnerable as a coach and still maintain your authority.
  • Opportunities to let the players take control of what they want to tolerate as a team.

Digby’s overall philosophy as a coach is that he thinks to himself: “I would love to play in this sort of team”. Learn how he has developed his own coaching approach to allow him to do this.

Digby Webb is an experienced coach working as Athletic Development Coordinator, team coach and a PE teacher at Kingswood School, Bath. He also works with Bath Academy.



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