Women’s game still needs more change says Scottish legend...

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Liza Burgess talks with former Scottish international and experienced coach, Donna Kennedy. She is passionate about the women’s game, Scottish rugby and coaching as a whole. She talks about how the women’s game needs to change to continue to move forward. Donna has coached at lots of levels of the game, including the Barbarians, and... MORE

Make average agility training outstanding

in Fitness & Conditioning, Podcast

Rich Clarke, a highly qualified S&C coach, university lecturer and evidence-based trainer, talks us through how we can make simple changes to improve our agility training. He explains how we can use constraints, ensure a specific stimulus and where we might start with less athletic players. MORE

Exciting times for women’s rugby and coaching

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Liza "Bird" Burgess was inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2018. With 93 caps for Wales and GB, she's also an experienced international and club coach. Now assisting Susie Appleby at Gloucester-Hartbury in the Tyrrells English Premiership, she shares her approach to coaching, what inspires her and how she's changed her delivery. These are exciting times for the women's game as more women take up the coaching reigns - it was great to catch with a good friend and a beacon for the game. MORE

Killer questions, escape roots, upping the tempo and challenging...

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Experienced DPP coach, coaching coordinator and grassroots coach, Ian Hollingworth chats about how he has learned to take more risks. He tells us how he is passionately curious about his coaching and how that has changed his approach. He explains his escape routes if the session is not going quite right, how to maintain the tempo in training plus empowering players and coaches. MORE

How to run the Defence zone activity

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Talking with experienced grassroots coach Chris Sweetapple, we look at a recent session he's run using a Rugby Coach Weekly activity. This episode is about "defence zone" which was the game activity as part of the practice plan, Standing in the tackle. MORE

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