Learning from other coaches, who-what-how models and mentoring


Dr Andy Abraham is an experienced researcher and teacher in sports coaching. He’s head of subject for Sport Coaching at the Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University (LBU). His most recent work has been to co-create with colleagues from LBU and the FA a Post Graduate Diploma in Coach Development for FA Coach Developers.

He’s also been a novice coach in rugby union, starting his journey with his own son in the north of England. Now, having coached at this level over the past five years or so, it seemed a good moment to find out what he had learned from this experience and what he had been able to bring to the team.

In the podcast, we cover a wide range of topics. He had plenty of crucial insights and some honest assessment of what’s been difficult in coaching young players.

  • Why the right pitchside behaviour is important to coaching and changing behaviour.
  • How mentoring can play a role in our own coaching.
  • Why you might coach the activity with rugby as the vehicle.
  • Leaning on the experiences from the coach from the year above.
  • Why we might need to think again about independent learning and role of scaffolding.
  • The Who-What-How model of coaching.
  • How quickly you might want to progress your session, or how slowly.
  • When we might want to coach the drill, not the skill.


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