Join host Dan Cottrell as he looks at the lastest developments in rugby coaching in conversation with leading grassroots and professional coaches.

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Wayne Goldsmith on how to make a real difference...

in Podcast

In this podcast we discuss How to observe a team more effectively; What interventions work with the most difficult players; What a great player does more than just a talented player; Why we want "pigs" not "chickens" What coaches need to change about themselves; Why values need to be more than just posters on the wall MORE

A creative coaching chat with Warren Abrahams

in Podcast

In this podcast, I get a chance to quiz Warren Abrahams, a senior coach with England Sevens and academy coach with Harlequins. Well-known for being a very creative coach, I ask him about how he builds better relationships with his players, and how he goes about this creativity in his sessions. MORE

Stories, action bias and player autonomy

in Podcast

Simon Nainby is an experienced strength and conditioning coach, with a strong interest in rugby. For a number of years, his blog has been one of the best ways to quickly access all of the latest thinking on coaching. His excellent curation means he has a wealth of ideas to inform his day-to-day coaching. MORE

Learning from other coaches, who-what-how models and mentoring

in Podcast

Dr Andy Abraham is an experienced researcher and teacher in sports coaching. He's also been a novice coach in rugby union, starting his journey with his own son in the north of England. Now, having coached at this level for 5 years, it seemed a good moment to find out what he had learned from this experience. MORE

When to allow failure and how to coach with...

in Podcast

Dan Cottrell speaks to Dr Suzanne Brown about the optimum environment for coaching. Suzanne, who recently shared a stage with Eddie Jones and Russell Earnshaw, talks about the ways you can challenge players so they can learn faster and more effectively. MORE

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