Training and tips to improve your fly-half (10)

Your fly-half, also known as the stand off or pivot, plays a central role in your attacking options.

Away from the match and on the training field, you can enhance your 10’s decision making and positional sense with a range of exercises and playing tips.

And the more who can understand and take on this role, the more you can interchange players on the field.

First, let’s get the 10 to be able to attack the line. Essentially, they need to keep “square” which means have their shoulders up the field. In Stop your 10 drifting Ian Diddams helps the pivot player run straight.

They don’t have to run straight every time though, and it depends on their depth. That is, how far they stand from the defence. My guide in Tips to create space for your fly half (10) outlines the different alignments they could take up.

Then, in the practice plan 10 options, we look at how the fly-half can bring in attacking threats. This is a great activity for the whole team, as they glue together their cohesiveness as a group.

Finally, use Pile the pressure on 10 by making him think. In this activity, we are getting even closer to the game and chaos that the fly-half faces.

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