Talk, technique and timing | Activities to develop better support play

After watching some amazing offloads from top-flight professional rugby over the weekend, it’s easy to forget that they are only successful because another attacker is in a position to take the pass.

And if the ball carrier can’t pass out of the tackle, that support player has to secure the ball. It’s all about talk, technique and timing! Let’s put that into practice with these activities.

Starting at the contact area, use the practice plan Seek, speak and support to develop your support players’ awareness of what’s happening in front of them. They can then decide on how to secure possession for the next phase.

And if you want to do that quickly, then use the VIDEO: Secure the perfect two-second ruck. It develops a two-man play to clear away the threats from the ball.

In open play, all players need to be in the right place to take a pass. Support pockets is a great session for all ages to create a better sense of the mysterious space known as depth.

Finally, Double support recognises that the game is not played up and down the field most of the time, but initially across the pitch as the attackers seek to dent and break the defensive line. Use this practice plan to give the ball carrier more options around the ball.

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