Tactics for November rugby

When the weather changes, so must our tactics. Generally, whatever part of the world you are in, as the season progresses, the weather does get wetter and colder.

Pitches become muddier and the ball more slippery. You and your players need to adjust tactics.

Here are some ideas on what you might do and how you might recalibrate your training.

First, What are tactics? Let’s be sure we know what the word means before we start to make radical changes to our team planning. Too much change might be disruptive.

Though some teams are lucky enough to play on astroturf/artificial pitches, there will be occasions when you are faced with poor conditions underfoot. Look at our Tactics for playing on muddy pitches to see how you might adjust your plans.

Kick offs are often a forgotten tactical area. The way you set up to chase the kick off means that you can gain an advantage, even if the kick is not pinpoint accurate. Tactics: Chasing the kick off draws on some of the Australian and New Zealand test team setups, all ones your team can replicate.

Finally, Tiger tactics looks at a one-play attacking method that helps retain the ball in wet and muddy conditions.

Look out for more posts in the next week on this area of the game.

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