Tackle practices to challenge your players

Keep tackling practices fresh with new ways to improve the players’ basic techniques. Put them into unusual situations in training which tend to reflect the game-like scenarios they may face.

For young players, spend as much time on footwork as all the other aspects on contact in the tackle. If the tackler’s feet aren’t close, there’s little chance of a strong grip. Try out this session, called Tackle on the run, from our EasiCoach Curriculum. The fun start will add an element of randomness.

Footwork plays a part in the next activity, Dizzy defence. Now the defenders have to identify the threats before getting close to tackle them. The players will have to work with their teammates too, a crucial part of defence.

In preparation for contact work and tackling, why not have a look at how the French senior team warms up, with the emphasis on excellent technique to ensure that the players are safe in the tackle area. Notice again that footwork plays a large part in their tackling activities.

Finally, look at some organisation at the rucks. Players need to know what roles they might play. Our exercise allows you to develop your own system, while suggesting a V-shape alignment for better outcomes.

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