Scrum training ideas for non-scrummaging coaches

Good scrum ball is one of the most powerful sources of possession, whether you are trying to score tries or simply clear your lines. As a coach, you may have been lucky enough to play in the forwards and know your way around the scrum. However, there’s so much that’s new, it’s important to know whether you are up-to-date.

If you don’t have that experience, just what do you need to work on first? Here are four activities and sessions to build from.

Develop your hook’s ability to strike the ball accurately with The hooker strikes back. With the laws of the game, they have to strike for the ball and this activity helps create a connection between your 2 and 9.

The core of the scrum starts at the right-hand side prop, the number 3 as known as the tight head. Check that the body position is the strongest it can be with Tight-head side power up.

Develop your scrum from one player through to eight with our Scrum session builder, so they can work on the individual skills and then team work and then competitive situations.

Finally, if you are under time pressure, use our 30 minute session to ensure your scrum is rock solid.

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