RTP sessions and law change lessons

We’ve got more ideas for teams who are tentatively coming back to training. These are good warm up activities once we get back into the regular season too.

Also, there are some lessons from the return to full blown rugby in New Zealand with the Super Rugby Aotearoa competition. These lessons are very simple. Follow the true letter of the law around the tackle and ruck area.

Here are the key points:

Tackled player

  • Only make one movement after landing on the ground. Don’t use excessive rolls.
  • Release the ball immediately. There is no excuse for holding on to it.

Arriving attacking support

  • Stay on your feet.
  • You can temporarily land on your hands, but bounce up and stay positive.
  • Don’t take out defenders beyond the ruck.

The tackler

  • Release and roll away immediately. When you roll away, roll towards the sidelines, not towards the opposition touchline.

Arriving defending support

  • Stay on your feet.

Paint a picture the referee wants to see. Be more accurate around in the tackle. The law rewards excellent, well-executed skills.

Here are some ruck and tackle games, activities and sessions to help.

From the top achieving coaching in Super Rugby at the moment, Scott “Razor” Robertson: Coaching decision making at the ruck, the Razor way

And look at the detail around the tackle area with Rob Appleyard in VIDEO: Tackle, jackle, roll.

Plus, two more return to play activities, looking to do more than just fitness:

Return to play: Social distancing session part two

Return to play: Social distance triangle game

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