Passing detail into game-like scenarios

How often do you ask your players why they pass? Or why they might use a particular type of pass?

You don’t need to ask them though. You can create situations to test them to try out different methods, and work out why from there. Essentially, they should pass if it gives the ball to a player in a better position to go forward or retain possession.

Here are a range of passing activities to give your players lots of different questions to consider.

First, let’s look at the very basics of which is the best foot to pass off. Step and pass is aimed at U10s, so it is equally applicable for players of all levels as they review the basics. Your players will find the best way to deliver the pass and which foot suits which situation.

Then we have two core skills sessions. Pump, scan, pass or go pushes players into considering whether to pass or not. They may see the opportunity to dummy pass, or this case we call it “pump”, or pass.

The second core skill session looks at passing just before contact with a one-handed “cat flap” pass, or keeping hold of the ball. This is become more prevalent at all levels of the game, and Move it, keep it will give your players plenty of opportunities to practise the skills and potential scenarios. Both these sessions come from top skills coach, Rob Appleyard.

Finally, our video session, Snap, snap, return looks at passing and the role of the support players. Initially, the decision to pass is based on spaces between static objectives. As the players pick up on their timing, you add in more dynamic defenders.

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