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For the coach who has to referee: tips, reminders...

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Whether you are refereeing in training (a good thing!) or have to referee your team on a Sunday (not such a good thing!), you will probably find yourself refereeing in some capacity this season. You will need to be confident that you can apply the laws as a coach to satisfy referees who take charge of your team. And if you do find yourself reffing, then it's far more than management, crowd control, position, language, whistle control and signals.  MORE

Give your players a better chance to learn

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The more players learn, the more they improve. Learning is about retaining relevant knowledge and then using it in the right context. Our expectation is that our training sessions will do this. We are probably not that scientific in our approach, though the main thrust of what we do tends to lead to improvements. Let’s tighten this up with some training ideas and solutions to give our players more opportunities to learn MORE

Develop tackle technique in pre-season (and in-season too!)

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Technically better tacklers are also safer tacklers. Develop tackling expertise with these exercises – they are ideal for pre-season training and are also great as revision tools as the season progresses. You will note that they include plenty of footwork, which is an essential part of the process of improvement. We will start with 4... MORE

Get ready to ruck | Drills, games, activities, videos,...

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The Super Rugby final last weekend between NZ side, the Crusaders and the Jaguares from Argentina was brutal! The contact area was keenly fought, and the players with the best technique and decision making prospered. In the end, we got to see Scott "Razor" Robertson, the Crusader coach, celebrate with his iconic dancing. However, the detail that goes into winning rucks was a crucial part of the reason that they won. MORE

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