Secure your kick offs | Activities, games and tactics

Kick offs can be the stuff of nightmares. For some reason, players shutdown from their normal operations and there’s a danger that any advantage from just scoring is thrown away.

That’s just one of many reasons to spend time on the skills needed to secure the ball, skills that some players will only use during this phase of the game.

You can begin with Restart drills for catching kick offs. In this video, forwards get used to running from different angles and into position to receive a kick off.

The full session plan, Catching the kick off, adds in more game-like scenarios. Your team have a chance to form the small units that they might operate in during a match.

My Junior game for kick off receipts can be used at all levels. Aimed initially at younger players, it creates a little bit of chaos before encouraging them to think about what happens after they’ve received the ball.

Finally, we have some innovative ideas in Tactics: Chasing the kick off. The article looks at how the All Blacks and Australia have lined up their players to create problems for the receiving team, aiming to win back the ball themselves.

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