Kick for chasers | Kick to score | Ways to train for good kicking outcomes

Kick with a purpose, kick with a plan. That means connecting the kicker and the chasers too. Here are some activities to build those connections, plus a bit of back to basics for young players to the game, so they can learn the essentials of how to kick.

First, let’s start with the non-kickers’ roles. In Chasing the kick, no penalties, the players learn what is allowed and not allowed when they are trying to pressure the opposition catcher, or the opposition player who’s chasing back to gather a kick. This is a full practice plan.

A more spectacular chase involves trying to manufacture a score from a kick to the corner. The chaser may not even go to catch the ball, but knock it back for one of their support players. So, have some fun with Cross-kick into the danger area.

When faced with a flat and fast defence, how about trying to exploit the space in behind them. Chip, chase, score sets up scenarios for the kicker to chip, either for others, or for themselves.

Finally, for less experienced players, introduce them to kicking with our EasiCoach session called Kick to a target. There’s a focus on good technique, which applies at all levels of the game.

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